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Baby Steps= BIG changes

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 I can't help but think of the transformation that my sweet, loving 10 month old baby has made.  I think back to the time where she just laid around and how she has slowly transitioned to rolling, crawling, pulling up and now taking a few steps and falling. 

As parents, Jerod and I see these "steps" as a process and have enjoyed each triumph (rolling, crawling, pulling up, and each baby step she has made) along the way!  So, I ask myself, "why can't we all enjoy these small triumphs in our own life situations with as much enthusiasm!?"  Why does it have to be ALL OR NOTHING when we try to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise, want to drink more water, be a better friend?  If we can simply step back and enjoy the small victories along the way in whatever you hope to accomplish I think we would all stick with our goals longer and know it doesn't happen over night. 

And, just like Teagan, when she falls down- she doen't see it as a failure- she pops right back up!  She gets up stronger, more energetic and ready to go again!

Baby steps= BIG changes!

Keep Calm

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