You Have to Spend Money to Make (Save) Money

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I recently was talking to a friend about a business venture and the saying, "You have to spend money to make money" came up. Naturally, I got to thinking about this statement and how I could relate it to eating and a healthy lifestyle. So many clients tell me that eating healthy is expensive and hide behind this excuse, paralyzed to make changes for the sake of budget. I could spend this whole post debating this statement and tell you ways to save money while still eating healthy but I want to take a different route. What if my comeback when someone told me, "eating healthy is too expensive," was, "you have to spend money to SAVE money." It works in business, right?! Let me explain.


Following a healthier lifestyle can help with weight normalization, decreased stress level, increased energy levels, increased well-being and self-esteem but even more than that, a healthier lifestyle can SAVE you money. Healthy eating can prevent diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, etc. which could reduce health care cost by less visits to the doctor, less medications and health related procedures. It can reduce the number of days you have to take off work due to illness/sickness. Eating healthy can increase energy which in turn can increase productivity. If your employer sees this improvement in job performance it could lead to a promotion of some sort, MAKING/SAVING YOU MONEY.


My point is, before saying eating healthy is too expensive, re-evaluate what is typically in your cart. If you are going for cheap and convenience foods it may be saving your budget week to week but not your health. In the long run, these unhealthy habits could cost you a whole lot more than you bargained for. If you choose healthier foods during your next shopping trip it could increase your spending by some but by eliminating some not so healthy foods it should balance out and you may see bigger pay outs with the benefits we previously mentioned such as decreased health care cost, etc. Just simply taking another approach at this topic can make a big difference on your next step. If you are stuck and don't know how to start with making healthier food choices and making more meals at home continue to stay tuned to the blog for tidbits of information to help or contact us and ask for help. We want to support you in any way we can!

Holiday Challenge

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Stacy and I are going to participate in the Elf4Health Challenge put on by 2 Registered Dietians.  Lindsey from The Lean Green Bean- check her out at and Elle from According to Elle at  You can check them both out on Facebook as well.  This is a four week challenge that was started to promote health and wellness during the holidays, a time when healthy habits tend to fall to the wayside.

This challenge is free to participants.  Check it out at either of their websites and sign up today.  Deadline to sign up is Friday, November 21st!!

Keep updated with us on Facebook as we do these challenges! 


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Write it Down

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My husband says I have too many "To-Do" lists but studies show that by writing down your goals with specific weekly strategies it increases the success rates of actually completing the task. So coming up with goals you want to achieve and actually thinking through strategies to help get you there are so important.
My goal last week, though it may seem small, was to have dinner on the table every night and to make my sister a meal since she is still busy with her one month old son.
Goal #1: Food on the Table
     1. Look at family schedule.     
     2. Look at the Kroger Ad
     3. Get recipes that go along with sales if possible
     4. Make a shopping list (don't forget to shop in cabinets first-use up old before you get new)
     5. SCHEDULE a shopping trip. (I dislike shopping-if it is on my calendar I keep it just like I would a dentist appt)
Goal # 2: Meal for Kacy
     1. Add ingredients for Kacy's meal to shopping list
     2. Get containers that she won't have to clean and return (also add to shopping list)
Because I actually prepared for a good shopping trip instead of being unprepared with an incomplete shopping list I was much more productive during the week and actually had a very well rounded meal on the table that my family enjoyed without all the chaos that typically occurs as we say, "What's for dinner?"
What is a goal you have? It does not have to be food related. Try writing it down!!