In-To-It Eating

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After a recent presentation, Kacy and I were approached by two enthusiastic listeners where each of them told us which part of the presentation gave them their "ah-ha" moment. They heard and processed the words that we were saying and it all began to make total sense. They determined some of the issues that were standing in their way to have a healthy relationship with food. One of the women said she wished she would have heard about this twenty years ago. We agreed! But it is never too late to start working on a healthy relationship with food. During this holiday season it may seem impossible to start the journey of becoming an intuitive eater but Kacy and I feel this is the perfect time! Start honoring your hunger, respecting your fullness, and determining what is actually going to satisfy you and see where it takes you! Remember that each "setback" is a learning experience, not a failure.

These ladies also renamed Intuitive Eating to In-To-It Eating! They are so "in-to" the principles and ideas of Inutitive Eating that they were inspired to start thinking of food/nutrition/health differently! Exactly what we had asked them to do in the beginning of our presentation.

Their excitement increased our enthusiasm to continue to spread the message about Intuitive Eating so more people will be inspired to be In-To-It! Thanks again for your support and inspiration!

Label Us Proud- Small Business Saturday

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Today, as well as many days, Kacy and I like to reflect on why we are so determined to have our own "business" even though it is on a very small scale at this time. We entered college our freshman year and told our academic advisor we wanted our own business and here we are today-content in giving Motivational Mondays, blogging on Wednesdays and giving presentations and answering questions about our passion-being healthy and happy. We have been so inspired lately by the feedback from listeners and want to thank each of you for that because it makes us feel we are making a change (even if it is very small) on some of your lives.

I like to think I had this desire to own my own business because of the awesome family I come from. I have seen so many people succeed with their own business that it is just "in me" to do something like this. When I graduated from college my Uncle Fred wrote in a card which said, You have CC running through your blood-meaning Cluxton and Chouinard. I think about this card frequently and my uncle probably has no idea what it means to me. I am so proud of who I am and the people in my life and his words continue to symbolize to me that I can do ANYTHING because I have some great examples that have had and continue to have successful businesses and a family that will always support me.

My late grandfather, Jim Chouinard, owned and operated Maysville Heating and Cooling and my Uncle Danny still successfully operates it today.

My late uncle, Gene Cluxton, was a farmer, owned the IGA in Georgetown and what I remember and still hold a very special place in my heart is the Lively Lady Campground. My dad and Uncle Fred continue to work hard to keep the campground looking great and in our family.

My aunt, Julie Bowman, has ran the Lively Lady Restaurants, the "Boat" and Landing. Unfortunately it is not open to the public but I still get to enjoy her amazing cooking.

There are multiple other family members and friends who have successful businesses but my Grandpa, Uncle Gene, Aunt Annie, Uncle Fred and especially my Dad have instilled in me, even without saying it for some, that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Hard work, dedication and following your dreams will take you far in life.

Hats off to ALL the small businesses! Please help support them so they can continue to do amazing things for our communities.

Happy Thanksgiving

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We hope you have a great day with family and friends and take time to count your blessings.  Remember that with Intuitive Eating it is possible to have a stress free day with eating if you are honest with yourself and listen to those internal cues of hunger and fullness.  Enjoy!