Happy Holidays

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Wishing you a great day with family and friends.  We hope that you give yourself the gift of peace with food.  If you have questions or concerns about Intuitive Eating please contact us!


Written by Kacy Cluxton. Posted in Blog.


How Much Did You Spend?

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There is one thing for sure...I'm a tightwad. Alright, so you are probably thinking, "So what, who cares?" Let me explain a recent encounter and conversation I had with a friend. First, let me give you some background.

I am very passionate about intuitive eating and a non-diet approach to try to normalize weight. But this has not always been the case. I had to learn the hard way and for myself that there was no magic pill, diet, supplement or wand that would make me be comfortable in my own skin. But one thing is for sure--none of those things worked!!

A couple months ago I ran into a friend who was trying one of the latest weight loss products. We got to talking and I asked questions-always out of curiosity, not judgment. We had a great discussion and she made some comments that inspired me to address this topic so hopefully I could aide others if they are contemplating starting a new diet regimen.

(Side note--I think this lady looks amazing! She is always dressed so nice and is always wearing a SMILE. She always asks me how me and my family are doing. These are qualities I wish we realized were way more important than a jean size.)

One statement she made was she wanted to do something for herself. POINT TAKEN. Being a new mommy myself, I GET IT! And even before kids I would try to do things to better myself but looking back I think I was focusing on the wrong things.

Example: In college I gained a lot of weight. I did not handle stress well (at all really). I would eat to postpone dealing with the task I needed to conquer such as homework or study. My issue was not with the food but with stress and time management. Why did I waste time and energy worrying about weight and buying products to help with that when I should have been looking at the big picture?

This sweet girl’s situation is totally different than mine but one thing I still believe is these expensive pills/supplements are not needed especially if after taking them nothing changes with your lifestyle.

This leads me to my point (probably thinking, "finally", huh?). I asked her how much she was spending each month on this product. I didn't ask to make her feel guilty or embarrass her but I was curious. I know from experience these things are not cheap. She reported things she was giving up such as coffee from Starbucks and lunch out to compensate the money. My biggest issue is the product only benefits one person. If money spent on diet products were spent on healthy groceries it would benefit the whole family. We all want to be healthy role models. What better way than eating a nutritious meal together.

I'm not trying to be negative, bash a product, or rant but simply state my thoughts. We all have the right to make our own decisions but I just want to give a different prospective.

My main goal is to try to encourage clients to determine what is the ACTUAL obstacle preventing them from being at their desired weight and what will actually help them get there. Sometimes the answer is clear to them and other times it is not. If you aren't sure what is holding you back, maybe we should talk?!