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I'm inspired often by small clips and messages from other dietitians. One dietitian sent an email stating she has been struggling with staying organized and focused due to a recent move, business trips, etc. I feel like most of us can probably relate to this feeling of not being organized and focused and the unpleasant feeling of not being in control due to the nature of our fast paced culture. She posed the question, "What do you do when you feel like you are losing control?"
I am the type of person that gets overwhelmed easily and can feel unorganized, unmotivated, and defeated in a matter of a minute.  I continue down the path of "flying by the seat of my pants" even though I know this does not end well for me . It's too chaotic for my liking. But recently, I vowed to myself that I wanted to plan meals and have a cleaning schedule because I know when when I have food for my family and my house is picked up it helps me stay organized, focused and inspired. So after a non-productive weekend due to unforseen circumstances of my daughter not feeling well and prefering to be held I felt like my train had derailed and I was back to my old habits of not being prepared, feeling defeated and unmotivated because I had not looked at planned meals for the upcoming week and my house was becoming a disaster area. What did I do to regroup? I started with cleaning the kitchen. Sounds so silly but I took one small step to feeling better and for me that was getting my kitchen back in order. My dishwasher needed unloaded and reloaded and my counters needed wiped down. SIMPLE fix for me. By doing this task, that should be done regularly but had been neglected for a day and a half I instantly felt better. I then felt that I could continue with my orginal goals of having food on the table and a clean house. So I threw a freezer meal, that had been prepared a month ago, in the refrigerator to thaw and got my crockpot ready by putting it on my counter and a crockpot liner in it so the ingredients could be added very quick the next morning. I quickly picked up the remaining clutter throughout the house and felt like my train had been put back on track.
So when you feel like you are losing control and aren't organized or focused on your goals take a minute to regroup. The way you regroup may be totally different then how I approached the situtation. Do whatever works for you but just start somewhere.
What do you do when you feel like you are losing control?


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What's Your Motivation

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I have a memory from when I was starting down the road to recovery from my eating disorder that tugs at my heart quite often. One afternoon while at my grandparents house, my mom and grandpa were in the other room and my grandpa said something to the effect, "the girls are looking really good, aren't they?"
As many of you know, my twin sister and I were diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in the fall of 1999. Our eating disorders were not something we talked openly about with our family besides my mom, dad, and sister so overhearing this comment was, in a way, special. Of course, my grandparents knew about our struggle with an eating disorder because my parents would update them on our progress/struggles but like many people, my grandparents probably did not understand eating disorders but in this particular instance he noticed. My grandpa noticed that we were making positive changes for our health and that meant a lot.
To recover from an eating disorder I think it is so important that the person struggling determines what it is going to take to motivate them to get better and put their eating disorder behind them. For me, my family and my future is what ultimately motivated me to put in the hard work necessary to overcome my anorexia. I did not want to be a burden of worry for my family and I had dreams of going to college and doing something positive with my life. I realized that holding on to my eating disorder (security blanket in a sense) was not helping me achieve these goals.
If you are struggling with an eating disoder, try to determine what you hope to accomplish in your life. It might aide you in finding the motivation to get out of the trenches of your eating disorder and move towards recovery. Talk about these goals with your interdisplinary team and get assitance with moving in the right direction.


Life In My Eyes

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When I look back at pictures from when I was in the darkest part of my eating disorder I can't help but notice there was NO life in my eyes. From the outside looking in it might have seemd like I had everything. And I practically did, but something was missing. I feel like happiness and self confidence were lacking. I spent so much time and energy on being thin that left me tired and lifeless. I realize now that thin does not equal happiness even though my eating disorder tried to convince me of that every chance it got.
At one point in my eating disorder I realized that there was so much I wanted to do and accomplish in life but would not be able to do if my eating disorder kept holding me back. That is when I decided I wanted to focus on recovery. It was a very long and bumpy road with some road blocks along the way but I got there. Recovery is possible.
When I look at pictures now I can see the life in my eyes. I am at peace with food and happy with the people and accomplishments in my life.
Don't let anyone or anything dull your sparkle.


February is Canned Foods Month

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Have you ever been uneasy about canned foods?  Well, February is canned food month and there are some tips that I would like to share about canned foods.  Most people may assume canned foods are not fresh and skip the canned foods all together.  Yet, canned foods are not all that bad.  They offer nutrition, more convenience, and have value. Canned Food Alliance is a good resource for information and research on canned foods; the website is   Also, there is information on nutrition facts and tips for a busy lifestyle.  There is information such as how the fruits and vegetables are fresh and not all processed, so it is about looking at the right brands and checking the labels. Check for low sodium cans.  However, canned foods do not need the salt or sodium for preservation.  Now the companies are actually requesting lower sodium for the most popular canned foods.  One tip is to drain and rinse the can, which should reduce sodium up to 41 percent.  Then do not be worried about the expiration date; canned foods have a long shelf life, which is two years.  Some nutrition facts are that fruits and vegetables do not lose their fiber no matter what form they are in.  Also, canned tomatoes have a higher source of lycopene.  Then a good protein source are beans, which the darker the color of the beans the greater the antioxidants there are.  Canned fish, such as salmon can be rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and comparing to fresh fish, it gives a greater source of calcium and does not lose its source of protein.  Also, the fat is partly taken out that creates the canned salmon to be healthier.  Fresh vegetables and fruit should be the first choice to give the best source of nutrition. Of course I would promote fresh and whole foods foremost, but just remember eating canned vegetables are better than not getting your vegetables at all, so if there is a really busy week, it will be alright to buy some canned foods.  Then owe it this month to those less fortunate who cannot afford nutritious food, and donate canned food to a food panty knowing it will provide for another’s nutrition.