International Girls Day is Tomorrow

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In honor of International Girls Day, Cluxton Consulting wanted to join in the social media movement dedicated to empowering girls to believe they can do anything! One of our favorite quotes: "Nothing happens unless first a dream."  Dream big and remember #youcan achieve it! We are living proof.  Watch the link below for an inspiring video created by Kappa Delta on behalf of the Confidence Coalition.


Play Traditions

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Our family has started a tradition.  When the Maysville Players are presenting a performance at the Washington Opera House in downtown Maysville we always make a night of it. Our first stop is O'Rourke's Pub (downtown Maysville) for dinner and drinks.  It's usual that we order too much and have some left over, but it's soooo good.  Some of our favorites include Pub Grub (crackers, cheese, pepperoni, and banana peppers), Norbie's Nachos, and thin crust pizza with lots of good toppings.  The prices are reasonable, the food is great and the staff friendly.  This is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends- socializing and enjoying an evening out. 
Some important things to remember:
1.  Don't go to dinner too hungry.  Remember to snack before dinner if hungry to avoid overeating. An increased level of hunger makes moderation hard.
2.  Limit alcohol.  Ask server to bring water as well.
3.  Listen to fullness.  You can always ask for and take a to-go box.  Their pizza is almost as good the next day!
Once our bellies are full, we then walk (weather permitting) to the Opera House which is just a few blocks away.   We enjoy the show and are floored by and appreciate the local talent.  We are so fortunate to live in a small town with such a thriving theater.  If you have never been to a performance we highly encourage it. Check out for more information.
Their current performance is Steel Magnolias.   Hope to see you at the next performance...just don't take our table at the Pub! ;)

Halloween is Tomorrow!

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Halloween is tomorrow and I'm sure many kids are excited to go trick-or-treating and many parents are worried their children will go crazy over the candy. This blog offers some thoughts from this Registered Dietitian, who truly believes in intuitive eating.  If candy/sweets are allowed in your house and are part of a healthy lifestyle your children will be able to eat this lute in moderation. If candy and sweets are typically restricted then they might try to overindulge. Take a moment to determine which category your family falls under. You may need to reconsider your "diet mentality" and start living a life with a healthy relationship with food- Cluxton Consulting can help with that!
Here's some advice for this year:
1.) Feed your children a good dinner before they hit the street so they do not munch on candy all night because they are truly hungry! Moderation goes out the window when you get too hungry!
2.) Let them enjoy a few pieces on Halloween night and then allow them the opportunity to choose a piece or two the following days. If they know they can have candy every day (unconditional permission to eat) then it will most likely lose its appeal.
3.) Remember, it is the parents job to provide realiable and healthy meals and snacks along with "treats" occasionally to create a healthy relationship with food.
4.) Consider starting a new tradition. I saw this idea on Have kids split candy and send a care package to a soldier! The kids will most likely love that by sharing their candy they can brighten a soldiers day!
Have fun with costumes and the other fun fall activities and be a good role model for your children that its not all about the candy! But some candy is acceptable! Enjoy! For more information on a healthy and safe Halloween check out "A Safe and Spooktackular Halloween."

*We included a pic of the two of us from Halloween many years ago.  Kacy:left, Stacy:right

Give Back. Be Active.

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Our hope at Cluxton Consulting is that you find ways to exercise as a way to donate to a charity and/or promote a cause while being active.

This past weekend was busy for us. My husband Jeff and I attended a 5K callded the AddyDash in honor of Addy Snyder in Coshocton, OH. It was a lot of fun. This race was a way to motivate me to get in shape while at the same time giving back. The money raised will go to a scholarship fund for a high school senior who plans to enter into the medical field.


My brother-in-law, Jerod, participated in the Tough Mudder in Maysville, KY this weekend. This event benefits the Wounded Warrior Project. Stacy was there for support!

Local races, zumbathons, etc are held regularly and offer an easy way to "give back" to the community or to a cause while being active and working on getting fit.

Stacy and I have signed up for our next 5K for November 2nd in Peebles, OH sponsored by GE with the money going to Adams County Honor Guard. Wish us luck!

What causes have you been active for?

Something About Fall

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There's something about the crisp fall mornings and the beautiful fall colors that make me inspired to go after my dreams.  Fall gives me that, "I can accomplish anything" feeling! It also reminds me of back-to-school and going new jean shopping. Even though I'm not in school anymore, I still feel the urge to go new jean shopping especially this year because having a baby 8 weeks ago my pre-pregnancy jeans are still a little snug. Instead of putting these jeans on and starting the negative self talk which will negatively effect everything in my life I think I'll go buy a new pair of jeans that fit my NOW body! I can't accomplish those goals and dreams that I mentioned earlier if I don't feel confident in myself! I need to feel confident and able to make healthy changes instead of body bashing and rebelling with a smorgasbord of sweets! ;) If you need help with respecting your body then contact us today. Think about it- if you wait until you are "perfect"to accomplish your dreams/goals or even take your dream vacation you may never get there because you may never be satisfied. Enjoy your life now and have fun while making positive changes in your life and becoming satisfied with who you are NOW!