Don't Be Distracted

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Some of our family and friends are going to the Washington Opera House to watch the Maysville Players present "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" this week.  This theater experience is different than lets say a movie theater experience because there are no refreshments served while watching the show. I'm not saying snacks are always bad but high calorie snacks along with mindless eating can definitely cause problems.  It's always important to honor hunger and fullness and not eat while distracted.  Enjoy the moment and the food you are eating and you will be surprised at how satisfying the food can be (often times with a smaller portion). 

Christmas time is always busy with lots of parties and events so be sure to stay mindful at those as well.  We have some really fun things planned for 2014 and hope you will join us in making the most of the new year! Happy Holidays!

Baking With Children

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Years ago, I used to decorate cookies with a group of kids every year at Christmas with a family friend.  We would spend the whole day at her house. There was complete joy and happiness that occurred when baking. I'm sure our excitement was contagious and our innocence humbling. We loved every second of choosing what shape cookie to smoother in icing. Some cookies were even devoured right after they were decorated. When do we loose this innocence and enthusiasm with baking and eating and replace it with guilt and shame?  I wish I could go back and observe those kids as THEY determined if they wanted another cookie or if they would save it for later. I remember being little and I definitely over indulged in the icing and made myself sick! But I now know that our bodies are so wonderfully designed that this did not make a huge impact on my overall health. (It just gave me a serious stomach ache and I used it as a learning experience) To have children that REMAIN intuitive eaters we as parents, family and caregivers need to be intuitive eaters so we can lead by example. The things I want to portray to my children are that all foods fit and positive self image is so important. I don't ever want my daughter to hear me say I am on a diet or I am avoiding a food group because some fad diet told me to. What message would I be conveying- I'm not satisfied being me and my body is incapable of helping me make decisions that are right for ME. I don't want her to hear the negative self talk like "I look fat" or "I don't look good in any of my clothes" or "Wish I could look like (fill in the blank)". Again sending the wrong message. She might start questioning her own worth and start comparing herself to cultural standards and/or unrealistic ideals. I am continuing to help myself through the intuitive eating process and principles. I want to be the positive role model my daughter needs! I came across this article just when I needed it and want to share:

  Please read and re-read this article until you realize this is some of the best advice you will ever receive. PS this is not only appropriate for daughters but sons as well!!



Slow Time

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December is always a slow time for me- no one wants to see the Dietitian through the holidays.  But, why not? I'm not the food police and I will not take away your favorite foods. What I will help you do is be open and honest with yourself so you can honor hunger and fullness while enjoying your favorite foods.  The holidays are actually a great time to start eating intuitively (as long as you are truly honest) because there will be no guilty feelings.  Giving yourself unconditional permission to eat that piece of fudge is so rewarding (and delicious) if we really take time to enjoy and savor it.  Don't wait until January 1st to make New Years Resolutions- BECOME AN INTUITIVE EATER NOW!  I know this time of year may be busy for you due to getting ready for the holidays but take 45 minutes to help you become a new healthier you.  Private message/email Stacy or myself for details on how to get started!

Count Your Blessings (Not Your Calories)

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This Thanksgiving enjoy the time you can spend with friends and family and savor the delicious food. Make it a point to count your blessings and not your calories. Don't fall victim to discussing diets or "good" or "bad" foods.
Consider these tips (NOT RULES) to have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving:
Don't starve yourself beforehand. Rather, eat small, regular meals and snacks. If you get too hungry you will throw moderation out the window.
Choose carefully between foods. You definitely will eat, those you will sample and those you will skip. Remember to listen to hunger and fullness cues as well as your satisfaction factor.
Don't rush to eat. Socialize and settle into the festivities before you eat.
Move your socializing away from the buffet or appetizer trays. This will minimize the unconscious nibbling.
If drinking alcohol start with a calorie free, non-alcoholic beverage. Satisfy your thirst before having an alcoholic drink (Don't forget to have a designated driver)
Incorporate physical activity with family. Go for a walk or play an active game.
Tips from Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

5 Ingredients or Less

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We all live very busy lives.  It is hard to cook a healthy dinner when we are constantly running from place to place.  I understand this and sympathize with those that are very busy.  But, you can still have healthy dinners.  I challenge all of you to find some recipes that have 5 ingredients or less! It is an easy, uncomplicated recipe but can still provide all the nutrients your family needs.  I stick to one skillet meals all the time- add a salad and/or steamed vegetables and I've got a satisfying meal on the tabel in 30 minutes or less.  Crockpot cooking also saves time and a lot of recipes can be found using minimal ingredients while still offering big flavor.   Take time to weed through your recipe cards to find recipes that fit this criteria- have the ingredients on hand and you will be ready.  Please share some of your favorite easy recipes (preferably 5 ingredients or less or close to it!) on our Facebook page!