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Spring Clean Your Habits

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The second week of our Spring Challenge is underway. We hope some of you will commit to the next three weeks of our Spring Challenge and help make your life a little more healthy. Please don’t pass up this opportunity to make some positive changes. Your goals can be small but at least you are taking a step.

We wanted to create a healthy, positive challenge. We want to help you build the foundation to succeed and we feel like the best way to succeed is to come up with your biggest challenges, turn them into positive goals, and develop steps to help you reach them. Since we turned thirty years old we have really started to evaluate our challenges and tried to create steps or solutions to these challenges so we are more successful and healthier for ourselves.  As a bonus we are more productive, positive and happier for our families.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Write down 3 Healthy Habits
  2. Write down 3-4 ways to succeed for each habit
  3. Focus on one habit a week and then build on your previous habits each week

We all have different struggles and needs so make your goals personal to what you need and want.
Here’s an example of my first two weeks of the challenge:

1.  Make exercise a priority-150 minutes/week

  1. Schedule exercise into the day/week. Coordinate with Kacy and Mom as able.
  2. Focus on positive aspects of exercise when feeling unmotivated-Ex: more energy, better mood, more productive, improved sleep
  3. Have a back-up plan in case of bad weather- Monday-Step at Kacys; Thursday-Hip Hop Abs

2.  Stay well hydrated with water

  1. Pack water bottle/cup from home
  2. Drink 3 bottles at work (before lunch, at lunch, after lunch)
  3. Always have water on weekly grocery list
  4. Focus on the weekends (Since I am out of routine I struggle with drinking enough on the weekend)

I think one of the hardest things about making lifestyle changes is actually implementing the change so that is why it is so important to map out how you plan to achieve your goal. You can’t just “wish” it to happen, you have to make it happen. If you are confused by all the nutrition information out there and don’t know what’s right or wrong or where to start please get in contact with one of us. We want to assist you in your goals by helping you determine what your goals are, how you can accomplish them, reminding you any change is a process and not to get discouraged, and offer support and guidance.

Please share progress, challenges, wins and opportunities for us to celebrate a small win with you! Let’s support each other on all the hard work we are accomplishing!

Happy Monday

Written by Kacy Cluxton. Posted in Blog.