National Brown-Bag-It-Day

Written by Lindsay Tyree. Posted in Blog.

            On Memorial Day this May, there is actually another holiday that may not be recognized, which is national Brown-Bag-It-Day (May 25).  This holiday can be a great reminder on how bringing your lunch to work, school, or daily endeavors has many benefits.  For instance, saving money is positive from packing your lunch.  You are able to use up the food in your fridge without wasting it, such as leftovers, or snacks bought from the grocery store.  This creates a cheaper lunch than buying lunch out, or at a facility most days.  Also, when one packs their lunch, they can know everything that is in their lunch, and not worry about germs at cafeterias, or questionable cafeteria food, in which the ingredients can be a mystery.  When packing your lunch, being able to size portions is helpful because you can only eat the sizes that you packed, so having a healthy proportional lunch will be a benefit from a brown bag lunch. 

Overall, packing your lunch can create a healthier and fresh lunch.  I have tips that will help pack a healthy lunch.  It is important to have a lunch that will keep you sustained throughout the rest of the school or work day, and having nutrients for the day.  My first tip I figured out from previous experience of packing a lunch being a camp counselor.  It was hard to wake up even earlier to pack my lunch, and if I did—it would be sloppy, since I was too tired to care what I was packing.  Thus, I started packing my lunch the night before, and it was fun to pick out what I was going to eat.  Then I was prepared the next day.  Also, from packing my lunch ahead of time, it made me take more time in cutting fruit or vegetables to include in my lunch. 

My next tip is to cover the basis of what the lunch should include to have a balanced meal.  I broke it down into a couple steps to follow.  For example, step one would be the starch and protein.  Usually people go for the turkey sandwich, yet a peanut butter sandwich, hummus and crackers, chicken and rice, beans and rice, or even a cheese quesadilla could all be other great options.  Next, the step would be having fruit, such as anything from an apple to strawberries, a clementine, grapes, peaches, or blueberries—what sounds good to you.  Then the next step is adding a type of veggie: salad, snap peas, carrots, celery, or broccoli.  Finally, the fun step is adding a snack type of food.  For the snack food, I would choose something with dairy to get a good source of calcium, such as string cheese or a yogurt.  Yet, if you’re in the mood for some pretzels or popcorn, this is the step to add it in, or the certain snack food you are craving.  Breaking down packing your lunch in these steps is helpful to know that your lunch is balanced, fresh, healthy, and most importantly—tasty.  I hope this will help motivate you to pack your lunch this May in the spirit of Brown-Bag-It-Day!