Life Is Already Complicated Enough

Written by Stacy. Posted in Blog.

Why is it so important to track your calories? Does it really help you or does it cause you more guilt when you have to log something you aren't proud of and/or cause you to miss out on life's precious moments?
Life is already complicated enough!
I am all for being AWARE of the food choies we make because sometimes we do not realize the amount of an unhealthy food or drink we consume or the poor quality of our diet. But, I don't think it is something we have to obsess about.
Determine what you are currently eating and drinking and determine if you are skpping meals and snacks and simply try to do better. If you want to keep a food and beverage log for a few days so you can really visualize your habits-go for it! Be informed but please don't make yourself do this day in and day out as a way to grade yourself.
I think it is important to meet with an RDN to get some good solid advice on appropriate changes because there are a lot of nutrition myths out there. Together we can come up with an individualized plan that is right for you.
As your RDN, Kacy and I won't tell you what to eat and/or when to eat but through conversation we can determine foods you like, foods you don't, foods your willing to try again or for the first time, your normal routine and through this information come up with solutions to fit everything in. Sometimes by just talking through your day with an RDN can make you realize where and how to make positive changes.
As the RDN we offer advice on how to go about change but you are ultimately in the drivers seat of your health. Right where you should be! Let us be your sidekick!