Is It Spring Yet?

Written by Hannah Surwillo-Intern. Posted in Blog.


March has arrived at our door, but sadly it has yet to bring the spring sunlight along with it. Most of us are beginning to itch for warmer weather, dreaming of greener days, and declaring our distaste for the slippery black ice that sneaks up in us when we walk across the parking lot each morning. Although the sun is still in hibernation, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the benefits of Vitamin D. Vitamin D supports the absorption of calcium into your body and strengthens your bones, as well as it supports muscle function. It helps fight off infections by strengthening your immune system. Vitamin D can help support the respiratory system for healthy lungs and circulation, which will help fend off any lingering cough you’ve had this season. These are a few of the benefits of Vitamin D. When you are unable to absorb it into your skin, via sunlight, it is important to use food-based sources such as fatty fish to receive an adequate amount. Including salmon into your weekly dinner plans is an easy and effective way to help your self and your families experience the benefits of Vitamin D, while we wait for sunnier days.