What's Your Motivation

Written by Stacy. Posted in Blog.

I have a memory from when I was starting down the road to recovery from my eating disorder that tugs at my heart quite often. One afternoon while at my grandparents house, my mom and grandpa were in the other room and my grandpa said something to the effect, "the girls are looking really good, aren't they?"
As many of you know, my twin sister and I were diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in the fall of 1999. Our eating disorders were not something we talked openly about with our family besides my mom, dad, and sister so overhearing this comment was, in a way, special. Of course, my grandparents knew about our struggle with an eating disorder because my parents would update them on our progress/struggles but like many people, my grandparents probably did not understand eating disorders but in this particular instance he noticed. My grandpa noticed that we were making positive changes for our health and that meant a lot.
To recover from an eating disorder I think it is so important that the person struggling determines what it is going to take to motivate them to get better and put their eating disorder behind them. For me, my family and my future is what ultimately motivated me to put in the hard work necessary to overcome my anorexia. I did not want to be a burden of worry for my family and I had dreams of going to college and doing something positive with my life. I realized that holding on to my eating disorder (security blanket in a sense) was not helping me achieve these goals.
If you are struggling with an eating disoder, try to determine what you hope to accomplish in your life. It might aide you in finding the motivation to get out of the trenches of your eating disorder and move towards recovery. Talk about these goals with your interdisplinary team and get assitance with moving in the right direction.