February is Canned Foods Month

Written by Lindsay Tyree-Intern. Posted in Blog.

Have you ever been uneasy about canned foods?  Well, February is canned food month and there are some tips that I would like to share about canned foods.  Most people may assume canned foods are not fresh and skip the canned foods all together.  Yet, canned foods are not all that bad.  They offer nutrition, more convenience, and have value. Canned Food Alliance is a good resource for information and research on canned foods; the website is mealtime.org.   Also, there is information on nutrition facts and tips for a busy lifestyle.  There is information such as how the fruits and vegetables are fresh and not all processed, so it is about looking at the right brands and checking the labels. Check for low sodium cans.  However, canned foods do not need the salt or sodium for preservation.  Now the companies are actually requesting lower sodium for the most popular canned foods.  One tip is to drain and rinse the can, which should reduce sodium up to 41 percent.  Then do not be worried about the expiration date; canned foods have a long shelf life, which is two years.  Some nutrition facts are that fruits and vegetables do not lose their fiber no matter what form they are in.  Also, canned tomatoes have a higher source of lycopene.  Then a good protein source are beans, which the darker the color of the beans the greater the antioxidants there are.  Canned fish, such as salmon can be rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and comparing to fresh fish, it gives a greater source of calcium and does not lose its source of protein.  Also, the fat is partly taken out that creates the canned salmon to be healthier.  Fresh vegetables and fruit should be the first choice to give the best source of nutrition. Of course I would promote fresh and whole foods foremost, but just remember eating canned vegetables are better than not getting your vegetables at all, so if there is a really busy week, it will be alright to buy some canned foods.  Then owe it this month to those less fortunate who cannot afford nutritious food, and donate canned food to a food panty knowing it will provide for another’s nutrition.