Everybody Hates the Yellow Light

Written by Stacy . Posted in Blog.

Intuitive Eating is all about listening to your internal cues to let you know when you are hungry and when you are full. These internal cues assist with developing and/or maintaining a healthy relationship with food. During conversation about the Principle to Respect Your Fullness, I typically discuss a few questions you can ask yourself to simply CUE IN. How does this food taste? Does it taste as good as when I first started eating it? What is my current level of fullness? So in summary, if you simply ask yourself these questions it is just a way to evaluate how you are feeling and not get too wrapped up in mindless eating. Sometimes the lines are blurred though just like the stop light at intersections. Green means go. Red means stop. But that yellow light can be a toss up! When you get the pesky yellow light do you gun it and go on or do you slam on your breaks to make the stop? The same toss up can occur when you are trying to measure your current level of fullness and determine if you should keep eating. The main thing to remember is there is no right answer and every situation is different. Take each experience and use it as a learning experience. If you ask yourself the questions you can at least be aware of how you are feeling. Worse case could be that you leave the table a little hungry but the upside is you can always have a snack later and if you leave feeling overstuffed you can try to remember the experience so the next time you don't feel miserable. Important thing is to not beat yourself up or give it too much time and attention. It takes time and is a process to respecting your fullness.