Healthy Weight Week

Written by Stacy . Posted in Blog.

"Healthy weight week is a time to celebrate healthy diet-free living habits that last a lifetime and prevent eating and weight problems. Our bodies cannot be shaped at will. But we can all be accepting, healthy and happy at our natural weights."
This week seems to be in line with Cluxton Consulting's goals and mission. We encourage you to continue to change your perspective on food and focus on healthy goals that don't involve counting calories or a number on the scale. Focus on positive lifestyle choices that don't involve deprivation or restriction.
A quick-fix, fad diet or supplement is not the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. It's all about finding balance between the food groups, following the principles of Intuitive Eating, knowing your true goal and challenges, and including physical activity you enjoy.
We all have basic nutrition knowledge and there's not a lack of resources from the internet, magazines, and family and friends but if it's so easy why aren't we all healthy?
Get the support you need from the Registered Dietitians at Cluxton Consulting. Be looking for our new support group starting in February. This program will help transform the way you think about food and weight, assist with determining your biggest challenge and developing strategy steps that push you towards success, and help keep you motivated and inspired!