Meet Lindsay

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Lindsay intern pic

Our next intern we would like to introduce is Lindsay Tyree.  She is a sophomore Nutrition major at Miami University.  She is originally from Missouri. 


What sparked your interest in nutrition?

"My interested sparked with nutrition at a younger age.  I was dancer and wanted to stay healthy. I learned that I was interested in figuring what was nutritious to my body. I grew up with my mother cooking great meals in my home and I would ask her questions like, “is this good for me”, or “what are you making for dinner tonight, is it healthy?”  Then my interest in nutrition began."


How do you keep fit and healthy? 

"I try to keep conscious about staying fit and healthy.  In order to feel good about my health I try to incorporate good habits in my every day life.  For instance, I will think about healthy foods to add to my meals, especially fruit because it is my favorite.  Then I do not force myself to workout, but I try to workout when I feel motivated usually three to five times a week with either more vigorous workouts less times a week, or more relaxed workouts more frequent throughout the week."


Do you have a favorite cookbook or book relating to health?

I" do not own any cookbooks yet.  However, my favorite cookbook is my Mother’s cookbook.  She has collected many recipes over the years that I love and remind me of home.  Also, all of my pins from pinterest is my second favorite place to find new recipes.  I am able to find recipes that can be so healthy and look very delicious at the same time."


What is your favorite meal or food?

"I love food too much, so it is hard to pick my favorite food.  Some of my favorites are fresh pizza like margarita with fresh hand made crust and fresh ingredients.  I love breakfast, so apple cinnamon pancakes is another favorite that I look forward to eating in the morning once in awhile. "