A "Not-So" Resolution

Written by Kayla Petersen. Posted in Blog.

             Of course this is the time when everyone is getting all excited to make those big “New Years Resolutions”. They may feel after a long year that they can take on the world and find ways to maybe “fix” issues that either involves themselves or their surroundings. Now, I’m all for taking time to reflect on issues where I could use some improvement, but I also think it’s healthy to acknowledge all the positive areas of my life in the past year too. To think, what if everyone spent this New Year not criticizing themselves, but celebrating the person they have grown to become. If you choose to live a healthy lifestyle because a calendar tells you to, the odds of you keeping strong to that choice is going to be pretty thin. However, if you celebrate the positives, and choose to make small goals throughout the year one step at a time, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and fall into your old habits, and more likely to succeed and find happiness in all of the small achievements. By the end of the year, you won’t feel the weight of regret, but the excitement of who you have become and who you are today and always.