Reinventing My Image

Written by Kacy. Posted in Blog.

The downfall of being married and not living with your sister/best friend is you don't have someone (you truly trust) to tell you how you really look. Example: Does this outfit look good or stupid?

The only downfall to having a new baby is you are slightly sleep deprived and your clothes might not fit the same way they did pre-baby. (The GOOD far outweigh the not-so-good.)

I talk a lot about respecting your body when discussing aspects of Intuitive Eating. It is something I would venture to say most of us struggle with at times and hopefully we are all striving to do better at giving respect/love to our bodies. These last few weeks I have been trying to appreciate my body how it is NOW.

I sent a picture of myself via text to Stacy with the caption, "I'm having to be creative with outfit choices lol." I wanted validation that I did not look ridiculous. I was wearing a longer, loose around the middle floral top, skinny jeans, and high brown boots.

It hit me, with the help of Stacy's positive comments, that I have a new style. One I had actually envied when others wore it and thought I could never pull it off.

So, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something a little different. I did! I put on a piece of clothing that wasn't tight around my mid-section because that is what I am insecure about at the moment and threw in some other elements of current trends (high boots and skinny jeans) and felt more CONFIDENT. Because of my new confidence, I feel good about myself and can continue to accomplish great things and not waste time on negative self-talk. Your girls at Cluxton Consulting are trying to continue to be real and motivating and by no means "perfect." Join with us and take a step outside your comfort zone-possibilities are endless and we only hope you can gain confidence along the way!!