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I kept thinking I wanted to start running again. I didn’t strive to win races or have a race every weekend but I wanted to put on my tennis shoes and hit the asphalt for an enjoyable run. I have wanted to do this for a long time but I wasn’t following through with this goal on my own. So what did I do…..I signed up for a running class that met two times per week for six weeks. Yep, I paid money to run every Tuesday at 5:30 pm and Saturdays at 7:30 am. Some call this crazy. I heard, “You can run for free on your own” a couple times for sure. But I needed the accountability. I know if I wouldn’t have signed up for the class I wouldn’t push myself. I probably wouldn’t even have made it out my front door.
Trish, our instructor, and my “classmates” pushed me, reminded me of my strengths, and encouraged me to keep going. I didn’t lead the pack but each time I was better than I was the time before!
We all know we SHOULD exercise but sometimes just knowing doesn’t translate into making it happen.
Same concept applies to nutrition and health and that feeling of knowing what we should do. In consultations with clients I hear “I know what I should do” more times than I can count. This is where Kacy and I can help clients in a special way. We can be a type of accountability to spend time really evaluating what you want for your health, why you want it, what’s standing in your way and developing realistic steps to get you there. We want to help you implement change but it’s important to take time to reflect and determine why you haven’t made changes before, the reason why you want to make changes now and exactly how you are going succeed with your goals.
I have loved the running accountability the last six weeks have provided for me. Kacy and I were exercising on Tuesdays and Saturdays with our running class and we were determined to get 150 minutes total of exercise per week. Once we put our mind to it it wasn’t that hard. We weren’t perfect and didn’t get the recommended 150 minutes every week but we definitely did more the past six weeks than we have done in a long time. The key to getting this accomplished for us was determining when we could exercise and scheduling it in!
I am an intuitive eater and I feel like this comes easier for me than exercise but that is why I joined a group of like-minded people so I could accomplish a goal. Now that the series of classes are over I might not be able to continue to go on Tuesdays because of childcare but I still plan to go on Saturdays for the accountability. Hopefully I can do some other kind of exercise most nights of the week with Teagan, Kacy and Benson.
Please stay tuned for information about our Intuitive Eating Accountability Group we are starting beginning of July. Intuitive eaters eat when they feel hungry and stop eating when they feel full. They make food choices based on both health and enjoyment. They trust, respect and nourish their bodies. They reject the “diet” mentality.
Do you feel like you would benefit from learning more about intuitive eating and desire to have a healthy relationship with food? Send us a message and we will be sure to follow up with you and give you additional information. Getting healthy is a journey that’s more fun if friends are along for the ride!

Life Is Already Complicated Enough

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Why is it so important to track your calories? Does it really help you or does it cause you more guilt when you have to log something you aren't proud of and/or cause you to miss out on life's precious moments?
Life is already complicated enough!
I am all for being AWARE of the food choies we make because sometimes we do not realize the amount of an unhealthy food or drink we consume or the poor quality of our diet. But, I don't think it is something we have to obsess about.
Determine what you are currently eating and drinking and determine if you are skpping meals and snacks and simply try to do better. If you want to keep a food and beverage log for a few days so you can really visualize your habits-go for it! Be informed but please don't make yourself do this day in and day out as a way to grade yourself.
I think it is important to meet with an RDN to get some good solid advice on appropriate changes because there are a lot of nutrition myths out there. Together we can come up with an individualized plan that is right for you.
As your RDN, Kacy and I won't tell you what to eat and/or when to eat but through conversation we can determine foods you like, foods you don't, foods your willing to try again or for the first time, your normal routine and through this information come up with solutions to fit everything in. Sometimes by just talking through your day with an RDN can make you realize where and how to make positive changes.
As the RDN we offer advice on how to go about change but you are ultimately in the drivers seat of your health. Right where you should be! Let us be your sidekick!

Be You

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National Brown-Bag-It-Day

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            On Memorial Day this May, there is actually another holiday that may not be recognized, which is national Brown-Bag-It-Day (May 25).  This holiday can be a great reminder on how bringing your lunch to work, school, or daily endeavors has many benefits.  For instance, saving money is positive from packing your lunch.  You are able to use up the food in your fridge without wasting it, such as leftovers, or snacks bought from the grocery store.  This creates a cheaper lunch than buying lunch out, or at a facility most days.  Also, when one packs their lunch, they can know everything that is in their lunch, and not worry about germs at cafeterias, or questionable cafeteria food, in which the ingredients can be a mystery.  When packing your lunch, being able to size portions is helpful because you can only eat the sizes that you packed, so having a healthy proportional lunch will be a benefit from a brown bag lunch. 

Overall, packing your lunch can create a healthier and fresh lunch.  I have tips that will help pack a healthy lunch.  It is important to have a lunch that will keep you sustained throughout the rest of the school or work day, and having nutrients for the day.  My first tip I figured out from previous experience of packing a lunch being a camp counselor.  It was hard to wake up even earlier to pack my lunch, and if I did—it would be sloppy, since I was too tired to care what I was packing.  Thus, I started packing my lunch the night before, and it was fun to pick out what I was going to eat.  Then I was prepared the next day.  Also, from packing my lunch ahead of time, it made me take more time in cutting fruit or vegetables to include in my lunch. 

My next tip is to cover the basis of what the lunch should include to have a balanced meal.  I broke it down into a couple steps to follow.  For example, step one would be the starch and protein.  Usually people go for the turkey sandwich, yet a peanut butter sandwich, hummus and crackers, chicken and rice, beans and rice, or even a cheese quesadilla could all be other great options.  Next, the step would be having fruit, such as anything from an apple to strawberries, a clementine, grapes, peaches, or blueberries—what sounds good to you.  Then the next step is adding a type of veggie: salad, snap peas, carrots, celery, or broccoli.  Finally, the fun step is adding a snack type of food.  For the snack food, I would choose something with dairy to get a good source of calcium, such as string cheese or a yogurt.  Yet, if you’re in the mood for some pretzels or popcorn, this is the step to add it in, or the certain snack food you are craving.  Breaking down packing your lunch in these steps is helpful to know that your lunch is balanced, fresh, healthy, and most importantly—tasty.  I hope this will help motivate you to pack your lunch this May in the spirit of Brown-Bag-It-Day!